CarboMAX Plus 1L

CarboMAX Plus 1L

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CARBOMAX PLUS – activated carbon is used for chemical filtration. It adsorbs organic molecules that can cause odor or discoloration of water. It also removes medications and other chemicals.

What is CarboMAX Plus?

CarboMAX Plus is a  unique element for filtering aquarium water in fresh and seawater tanks, made of high quality active carbon. It has a form of durable, dust-free granules due to a carefully developed dust-extraction technology.

How does CarboMAX Plus work?

The active carbon applied in production of CarboMAX Plus possesses perfect absorptive properties, due to which it absorbs toxic substances dissolved in water. It neutralizes heavy metal ions and chlorine present in tap water, making it useful for aquarium purposes. It removes colorants from water, restoring its crystalline purity. It absorbs traces of medications and other chemical preparations.

Where and when is CarboMAX Plus useful?

CarboMAX Plus is perfect as a  filter bed in canister filters, overflow filters and internal filters suited to loose media. CarboMAX Plus should be applied in newly set-up aquariums for the purpose of improvement of quality and clarity of fresh aquarium water. It is particularly recommended in display tanks, where appropriate decorative effect is desired in possibly short time. It is also applied in case of discoloration of aquarium water and following fish therapy with the use of chemical preparations.

How to apply CarboMAX Plus?

CarboMAX Plus is ready for use out-of-the-box and does not require rinsing or any additional actions. The content of thepackage should be placed in a  filtration basket or filtration chamber. In order to ensure optimum application results it is recommended to place the CarboMAX Plus element behind mechanical filtration elements and in front of chemical filtration elements.

How long does CarboMAX Plus work?

The manner of operation of the CarboMAX Plus element (sorption) causes it to gradually fill up and wear. In order to retain optimum filtration properties it is recommended to replace it at least every 4 weeks