About Us

AQUAEL is a company that is well-established and appreciated around the world – for the last 33 years offering
its users modern devices and accessories for aquaria and garden ponds. Its history dates back to autumn 1984
when it was created as a tiny one-person workshop founded by its current owner – Janusz Jankiewicz.
Throughout the years the company has gone a long way to its current position with two production plants of
over 25 000 m2 total surface, employing 500 workers and using the most modern production technologies.
Consistency of action and persistency of its creators followed by the concern for the continuous development
made it today’s one of the most important companies on the global zoological market. Nowadays the
company offers to its Clients complete range of products needed for set up and professional maintenance of
both: aquariums and ornamental garden ponds. The AQUAEL’s success is made up of many factors, starting
from experienced team, through specialized tool-shops and superbly equipped production lines, to the global
system of product distribution. AQUAEL – gaining the excellent reputation among the customers and users of
its product, the company never ceases to surprise them with the innovations, thus outstripping its competition
and proving that it has what the others can only dream of at its fingertips.

The COMFY brand was launched in 2010. It includes products for dogs and cats meeting the basic needs of
these animals: beds, carrier bags, toys, brushes, claw clippers, leashes, harnesses and collars, litter for cats and
rodents. Most of these products are manufactured in Poland, some are imported. The COMFY products combine
comfort of use with practical and fashionable solutions. The brand includes over 500 products. The latest
lines of COMFY products include unique fragrant toys for dogs with the DENTAL function (for cleaning the
dog’s teeth and mouth), the exceptionally sturdy STRONG DOG toys, the edible PLUG SNACK toy inserts, and
a wide range of COMFY APPETIT natural treats.

PET INN is a well-established Italian brand acquired by the AQUAEL Group in 2011. It includes designer
products for rodents, ornamental birds, dogs, and cats: cages, litter boxes for cats, toys, bowls, pet carriers, and
beds. All the products are manufactured in Poland (in the town of Suwałki).
The PET INN products combine innovative solutions with high comfort and excellent functionality. The brand
includes over 300 products. Among the best known products, one should mention the unique COSMOS carriers
(including bike carriers for pets), litter boxes for cats, and cages for rabbits, rodents, and ornamental birds.